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William John "Liam" Neeson OBE (born 7 June 1952) is an Irish actor who has been nominated for an Oscar, a BAFTA and three Golden Globe Awards. He has starred in a number of notable roles including Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List, Michael Collins in Michael Collins, Peyton Westlake in Darkman, Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Alfred Kinsey in Kinsey, Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins and the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia film series. He has also starred in several other notable films, from major Hollywood studio releases (ie. Excalibur, The Dead Pool, Nell, Rob Roy, The Haunting, Love Actually, Kingdom of Heaven, Taken, Clash of the Titans, The A-Team, Unknown) to smaller arthouse films (ie. Deception, Breakfast on Pluto, Chloe). He was born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and educated at Saint Patrick's College, Ballymena Technical College and Queen's University Belfast. He moved to Dublin after university to further his acting career, joining the renowned Abbey Theatre. In the early 1990s, he moved again to the United States, where the wide acclaim for his performance in Schindler's List led to more high-profile work. He is widowed and lives in New York with his two sons. Description above from the Wikipedia article Liam Neeson, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. - Filme5

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Jun 7, 1952 In Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Filme / Seriale:
movie The Trainer
Ultimul proiect:
Film Cold Pursuit 2019-02-08
Liam Neeson a jucat in
Liam Neeson a jucat in Taken 3: Teroare în L.A.
Liam Neeson a jucat in Următoarele trei zile
Liam Neeson a jucat in Trumbo
Liam Neeson a jucat in Before and After

Film Cold Pursuit - Liam Neeson Nel 2019-02-08
Film The Trainer - Liam Neeson John Moore 2019
Film Pasager în trenul terorii - Liam Neeson Michael MacCauley 2018-01-11
Film The Last Horsemen of New York - Liam Neeson 2018-05-11
Film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - Liam Neeson Impresario (segment "Meal Ticket") 2018-11-09
Film Văduvele - Liam Neeson Harry Rawlings 2018-11-06
Film Red Nose Day Actually - Liam Neeson Daniel 2017-03-24
Film Unknown - Liam Neeson Narrator 2017-09-24
Film Tata în război cu... tata 2 - Liam Neeson Himself (voice) 2017-11-09
Film And the Winner Isn't - Liam Neeson Himself 2017-12-08
Film Mark Felt: Omul care a pus la pământ Casa Albă - Liam Neeson Mark Felt 2017-09-28
Film Spielberg - Liam Neeson Himself 2017-10-05
Film A Fanatic Heart: Geldof On Yeats - Liam Neeson Himself 2016-04-03
Film Războinicul vânător și Crăiasa zăpezii - Liam Neeson Narrator 2016-04-06
Film 1916: The Irish Rebellion - Liam Neeson Narrator 2016-03-16
Film Copacul cu poveşti - Liam Neeson The Monster 2016-10-07
Film 인천상륙작전 - Liam Neeson Douglas MacArthur 2016-07-27
Film Silence - Liam Neeson Cristóvão Ferreira / Sawano Chūan 2016-12-22
Film How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story - Liam Neeson Narrator 2016-09-25
Film Anturaj - Liam Neeson Liam Neeson 2015-06-03
Film Urmărit în noapte - Liam Neeson Jimmy Conlon 2015-03-11
Film O stea de Crăciun - Liam Neeson Narrator / Radio DJ 2015-11-13
Film Ted 2 - Liam Neeson Customer 2015-06-25
Serial Emisiunea de seară cu Jimmy Fallon - Liam Neeson Himself 2014-02-17
Film Non-Stop - Liam Neeson Bill Marks 2014-02-26
Film Marea aventură Lego - Liam Neeson Bad Cop/ Good Cop / Pa Cop (voice) 2014-02-06
Film Goana după alune - Liam Neeson Raccoon 2014-01-17
Film Snow Monkeys - Liam Neeson Himself - Narrator 2014-04-23
Film The Prophet - Liam Neeson Mustafa (voice) 2014-09-06
Film Manny - Liam Neeson Narrator 2014-12-31
Film Urma scapă turma - Liam Neeson Clinch 2014-05-22
Film Taken 3: Teroare în L.A. - Liam Neeson Bryan Mills 2014-12-16
Film Umblând printre morminte - Liam Neeson Matthew Scudder 2014-09-18
Film Road - Liam Neeson Narrator 2014-06-11
Film Girl Rising - Liam Neeson Narrator (voice) 2013-03-07
Film Khumba - Liam Neeson Phango (voice) 2013-07-18
Film Crainicul 2: Legenda continuă - Liam Neeson History Channel Host 2013-12-18
Film Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Alive on Stage! The New Generation - Liam Neeson The Journalist 2013-11-28
Film Dragoste la persoana a treia - Liam Neeson Michael 2013-09-09
Film The Grey: La limita supraviețuirii - Liam Neeson John Ottway 2012-01-26
Film Furia titanilor - Liam Neeson Zeus 2012-03-27
Film The Secret Policeman's Ball - Liam Neeson Himself 2012-03-04
Film Battleship - Liam Neeson Admiral Shane 2012-04-11
Film Cavalerul negru: Legenda renaște - Liam Neeson Ra's al Ghul 2012-07-16
Film Room 237 - Liam Neeson Oskar Schindler (archive footage) (uncredited) 2012-10-26
Film Taken 2: Teroare în Istanbul - Liam Neeson Bryan Mills 2012-09-27
Film A Child's Garden of Poetry - Liam Neeson 2011-04-28
Film Necunoscutul - Liam Neeson Dr. Martin Harris 2011-02-16
Film Echipa de șoc - Liam Neeson Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith 2010-06-10
Film The Wildest Dream - Liam Neeson Narrator 2010-08-06
Film Înfruntarea titanilor - Liam Neeson Zeus 2010-04-01
Film Cronicile din Narnia: Călătoria pe mare cu Zori de zi - Liam Neeson Aslan (voice) 2010-08-13
Film Următoarele trei zile - Liam Neeson Damon 2010-11-18
Serial Marele C - Liam Neeson Bee Man 2010-08-16
Film Five Minutes of Heaven - Liam Neeson Alistair Little 2009-01-19
Film Chloe - Liam Neeson David Stewart 2009-03-25
Film After.Life - Liam Neeson Eliot Deacon 2009-11-07
Film Unknown - Liam Neeson Bryan 2008-02-18
Film Cronicile din Narnia: Prințul Caspian - Liam Neeson Aslan (voice) 2008-05-15
Film Ponyo - Liam Neeson Fujimoto (english voice) 2008-07-19
Serial Războaiele stelare: Războaiele clonelor - Liam Neeson Qui-Gon Jinn 2008-10-03
Film The Other Man - Liam Neeson Peter 2008-12-25
Film Trumbo - Liam Neeson Himself 2007-09-10
Film Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity - Liam Neeson Narrator 2006-02-10
Film Seraphim Falls - Liam Neeson Carver 2006-09-13
Serial Emisiunea unu - Liam Neeson Unknown 2006-08-14
Film Sergeant York: Of God and Country - Liam Neeson 2006-11-07
Film Batman - Începuturi - Liam Neeson Ducard 2005-06-10
Film Regatul Raiului - Liam Neeson Godfrey de Ibelin 2005-05-03
Film Cronicile din Narnia: Leul, vrăjitoarea și dulapul - Liam Neeson Aslan (voice) 2005-12-07
Film Breakfast on Pluto - Liam Neeson Father Liam 2005-09-03
Film Patrick - Liam Neeson Narrator 2004-03-14
Film The Story of Star Wars - Liam Neeson Qui-Gon Jinn 2004-08-18
Film Kinsey - Liam Neeson Alfred Kinsey 2004-09-04
Film Martin Luther - Liam Neeson Himself - Narrator (voice) 2003-07-09
Film Aventura din reciful de corali - Liam Neeson Narrator (voice) 2003-02-14
Film Pur și simplu dragoste - Liam Neeson Daniel 2003-09-07
Serial Emisiunea lui Ellen DeGeneres - Liam Neeson Unknown 2003-09-08
Film K-19: The Widowmaker - Liam Neeson Mikhail Polenin 2002-07-19
Film Ultimate Fights from the Movies - Liam Neeson Danny (Crossing the Line) (archive footage) 2002-04-16
Film Găștile din New York - Liam Neeson "Priest" Vallon 2002-12-14
Serial Copii libertății - Liam Neeson John Paul Jones 2002-09-02
Film The Beginning: Making 'Episode I' - Liam Neeson Himself 2001-02-01
Film Călătorie în peșteri uimitoare - Liam Neeson Narrator (voice) 2001-03-01
Film Gun Shy - Liam Neeson Charles Mayeaux 2000-02-04
Film The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization - Liam Neeson Narrator 2000-02-09
Film The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition - Liam Neeson voice 2000-09-02
Serial The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization - Liam Neeson Himself - Narrator 2000-02-09
Film Castelul bântuit - Liam Neeson Dr. David Marrow 1999-07-23
Film Star Wars Episodul I - Amenințarea fantomei - Liam Neeson Qui-Gon Jinn 1999-05-19
Film Les Misérables - Liam Neeson Jean Valjean 1998-05-01
Film Everest - Liam Neeson Narrator 1998-03-06
Serial Vederea - Liam Neeson Unknown 1997-08-11
Film Before and After - Liam Neeson Ben Ryan 1996-02-23
Film Michael Collins - Liam Neeson Michael Collins 1996-10-25
Serial Emisiunea zilnică cu Trevor Noah - Liam Neeson Unknown 1996-07-22
Film Lumière and Company - Liam Neeson Himself 1995-01-01
Film Rob Roy - Liam Neeson Robert Roy MacGregor (Rob Roy) 1995-04-13
Film Nell - Liam Neeson Dr. Lovell 1994-12-23
Film Ethan Frome - Liam Neeson Ethan Frome 1993-03-12
Film Lista lui Schindler - Liam Neeson Oskar Schindler 1993-12-15
Film Ruby Cairo - Liam Neeson Fergus Lamb 1993-10-29
Serial Noaptea târziu cu Conan O'Brien - Liam Neeson Unknown 1993-09-13
Film Shining Through - Liam Neeson Franze-Otto Dietrich 1992-01-31
Film Husbands and Wives - Liam Neeson Michael Gates 1992-09-18
Film Leap of Faith - Liam Neeson Sheriff Will Braverman 1992-12-18
Film Revolver - Liam Neeson Man 1991-10-01
Film Under Suspicion - Liam Neeson Tony Aaron 1991-09-27
Film Bărbatul întunecat - Liam Neeson Peyton Westlake / Darkman 1990-08-24
Film The Big Man - Liam Neeson Danny Scoular 1990-08-31
Film Următoarea rudă - Liam Neeson Briar Gates 1989-10-20
Serial Familia Simpson - Liam Neeson Unknown 1989-12-17
Film Satisfacție - Liam Neeson Martin Falcon 1988-02-12
Film High Spirits - Liam Neeson Martin Brogan 1988-11-18
Film Bazinul morții - Liam Neeson Peter Swan 1988-07-12
Film The Good Mother - Liam Neeson Leo 1988-11-04
Film Sworn to Silence - Liam Neeson Vincent Cauley 1987-04-06
Film A Prayer for the Dying - Liam Neeson Liam Docherty 1987-09-11
Film Suspect - Liam Neeson Carl Wayne Anderson 1987-10-23
Film Misiunea - Liam Neeson Fielding 1986-09-29
Serial If Tomorrow Comes - Liam Neeson André Trignant 1986-03-16
Film Lamb - Liam Neeson Michael Lamb 1986-11-06
Serial Hold the Dream - Liam Neeson Blackie O'Neill 1986-10-27
Film The Innocent - Liam Neeson John Carns 1985-03-18
Film Arthur the King - Liam Neeson Grak 1985-04-26
Film The Bounty - Liam Neeson Charles Churchill 1984-05-04
Serial A Woman of Substance - Liam Neeson Blackie O'Neill 1984-11-26
Serial Ellis Island - Liam Neeson Kevin Murray 1984-11-01
Serial Miami Vice - Liam Neeson Unknown 1984-09-16
Serial În direct cu Regis și Kathie Lee - Liam Neeson Unknown 1983-04-04
Film Krull - Liam Neeson Kegan 1983-07-29
Film Across the Water - Liam Neeson Martin 1983-06-10
Serial Natură - Liam Neeson Narrator 1982-10-10
Film Excalibur - Liam Neeson Gawain 1981-04-10
Film Le voyage du pélerin - Liam Neeson Evangeliste 1978-04-04
Film Pilgrim's Progress - Liam Neeson Evangelist 1978-04-05
Film Dinner at The Sporting Club - Liam Neeson Dermot 1978-11-07
Serial Sâmbătă noaptea în direct - Liam Neeson Unknown 1975-10-11
Serial Playhouse - Liam Neeson Blacksmith 1974-03-13
Serial Premiile academiei - Liam Neeson Unknown 1953-03-18

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