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Named one of Asia's 25 greatest actors of all time by CNNGo (a division of CNN) alongside stars like Hong Kong's Tony Leung Chiu Wai, India's Amitabh Bachchan and Japan's Toshiro Mifune, Chin Han's 20 year career in Asia has spanned theater, television and film. Beginning as a teen actor in stage classics like Moliere's L'Ecole des femmes and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, he went on to star in Singapore's first English language television series Masters of the Sea produced by ex-Lorimar exec Joanne Brough (Dallas, Falcon Crest). A spin-off series Troubled Waters was to follow, which he also starred in. In 1998 Chin Han made his US film debut in Blindness an Official Selection at the 2nd Hollywood Film Festival in a leading role opposite Vivian Wu (Peter Greenaway's The Pillow Book). Soon after, he starred in the Singapore mini-series 'Alter Asians' which won the 2001 Asian Television Award for Best TV Movie of the Year. As a director, he has helmed acclaimed Asian Premieres of plays like David Hare's The Blue Room and co-produced the official Musical adaptation of Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet. A pianist himself, Chin Han has also produced concerts for Tony Award winners Jason Robert Brown (The Last 5 Years), Cady Huffman (The Producers) and Lillias White (Disney's Hercules) in Asia. In Los Angeles, he served as Associate Producer (credited as Chin Han Ng) on the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards which featured stars like Jackie Chan, Maggie Q, Quentin Tarantino and Danny Devito. Returning to the big screen, his strong supporting performance in Thom Fitzgerald's (The Hanging Garden) 3 Needles with Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, and Chloe Sevigny led one movie reviewer to note that for his 'small but important role, (Chin Han) delivers in spades' (I-S Magazine). In 2008, Chin Han took on the pivotal role of Lau in the summer blockbuster movie The Dark Knight and was described by director Christopher Nolan as having 'a great presence... it was exactly what the character required' (South China Morning Post). The following year, he joined John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Woody Harrelson in Roland Emmerich's epic disaster movie 2012 which has grossed more than $750 million worldwide to date. Chin Han can next be seen in Gus Van Sant's highly anticipated Restless, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and Steven Soderbergh's star-studded biohazard thriller Contagion from Warner Bros in 2011. He resides in Los Angeles. ((Bio from IMDB)) - Filme5

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Jul 10, 1946 In Singapore
Filme / Seriale:
movie A Different Sun
Ultimul proiect:
Film Ghost in the Shell 2017-03-29
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Chin Han a jucat in Marco Polo
Chin Han a jucat in Căpitanul America: Războinicul iernii
Chin Han a jucat in Lista neagră
Chin Han a jucat in Arcașul

Film A Different Sun - Chin Han Zu Qing 2018
Film Ghost in the Shell - Chin Han Togusa 2017-03-29
Film Ziua Independenței: Renașterea - Chin Han Commander Jiang Lao 2016-06-22
Film Căpitanul America: Războinicul iernii - Chin Han Councilman Yen 2014-03-20
Serial Marco Polo - Chin Han Jia Sidao 2014-12-12
Serial Serangoon Road - Chin Han Kay Song 2013-09-22
Serial Lista neagră - Chin Han Wujing 2013-09-23
Film Final Recipe - Chin Han 2013-10-10
Serial Arcașul - Chin Han Frank Chen 2012-10-10
Film Restless - Chin Han Dr. Lee 2011-09-16
Film 2012 - Chin Han Tenzin 2009-10-10
Film Cavalerul negru - Chin Han Lau 2008-07-16
Film Hainan ji fan - Chin Han Grandpa 2005-05-31
Film 3 Needles - Chin Han Soldier Xuan 2005-09-09
Film 南京1937 - Chin Han Unknown 1995-09-14
Film Hua qi Shao Lin - Chin Han Tong Ling / Captain Chiu 1994-01-29
Film 阮玲玉 - Chin Han Tang Chi-Shan 1991-11-29
Film 祝福 - Chin Han Ko Man-Kit 1990-06-14
Film 一代禅宗大师-六祖慧能传 - Chin Han 1987-01-01
Film Bin mei - Chin Han Peter Yu 1982-06-03
Film 帶槍過境 - Chin Han Unknown 1981-02-20
Film 金盞花 - Chin Han 1980-03-29
Film 一對傻鳥 - Chin Han Chen Cheng-hsiung 1980-02-16
Film 我從山中來 - Chin Han Unknown 1980-07-23
Film 愛情躲避球 - Chin Han 1980-10-09
Film 大地親情 - Chin Han Unknown 1980-12-06
Film 情奔 - Chin Han Unknown 1979-10-25
Film 我踏浪而來 - Chin Han Chao Ta-jung 1978-01-01
Film 蒂蒂日記 - Chin Han Fan Hsi-kuan 1978-02-21
Film 愛情火辣辣 - Chin Han 1978-01-01
Film 晨霧 - Chin Han Unknown 1978-07-30
Film 溫馨在我心 - Chin Han 1977-01-01
Film 煙水寒 - Chin Han Unknown 1977-07-26
Film 愛有明天 - Chin Han Unknown 1977-03-30
Film 微笑 - Chin Han Unknown 1977-12-31
Film 浪花 - Chin Han Unknown 1976-10-07
Film 碧雲天 - Chin Han 1976-11-15
Film 海鷗飛處 - Chin Han 1974-04-11
Film Gui ma liang jin gang - Chin Han 1974-03-01
Film 愛的小屋 - Chin Han 1974-11-08
Film 面具 - Chin Han Lin Weibin 1974-06-12
Film 母親三十歲 - Chin Han Unknown 1973-01-01
Film Hao ke - Chin Han Lu Fu 1973-01-12
Film 窗外 - Chin Han Unknown 1973-07-23
Film Tai yin zhi - Chin Han Heaven Sword Lu Tien Bao 1972-04-14
Film Da sha shou - Chin Han Inspector Ma 1972-08-01
Film Qun ying hui - Chin Han Minister Li 1972-11-05
Film Sons and Daughters - Chin Han 1971-01-01
Film Lei ru fung - Chin Han Liu Hsuan Ping 1971-08-25
Film Huo bing - Chin Han Master Shen aka Meng 1971-06-11
Film Shi san tai bao - Chin Han Li Szu Yuan 1970-08-14
Film Wu hu tu long - Chin Han Blacksmith Kao Hao - 1st brother 1970-03-26
Film Xiang si he pan - Chin Han Feng Chi Wei 1969-11-25
Film Lie Ren - Chin Han Zhou Guo-Xiong 1969-05-08
Film Kuang lian shi - Chin Han David 1968-08-31
Film Long hu gou - Chin Han Kuo Chien Min 1967-07-13
Film Chuan - Chin Han Kei Yuan 1967-09-27
Film Ming ri zhi ge - Chin Han Yu Ming 1967-10-12
Film The Midnight Murder - Chin Han Wang Zheng-Tu 1967-09-05
Film Lan yu hei (Shang) - Chin Han He Meng 1966-06-29
Film Lan yu hei (Xia) - Chin Han He Meng 1966-07-20
Film Hua Mu Lan - Chin Han General Li Guang 1964-06-15
Film The Warlord and the Actress - Chin Han Lin Ke-Qiang 1964-12-22
Film The Female Prince - Chin Han Li Ju-Lung 1964-12-10

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